The Humiliation of Greece



“If voting changed anything they’d make it illegal.”

Thus spake Emma Goldman a hundred years ago.  Emma was the preeminent anarchist of her day, deported from the United States for “subversive” activities by J. Edgar Hoover who came down to the pier at dawn to see her off to the Soviet Union of  V. I. Lenin.

Emma became a first class pain in the ass to Lenin wanting to know why the anarchists were in jail.  He replied “because they are criminals, not philosophers!”

Emma left Russia after the crushing of the Kronstadt revolt, knowing the revolution had been lost.  In explaining her anarchism, Goldman wrote:

“The dominant, almost general, idea of revolution—particularly the Socialist idea—is that revolution is a violent change of social conditions through which one social class, the working class, becomes dominant over another class, the capitalist class. It is the conception of a purely physical change…

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