Wherever there is a conjoint activity whose consequences are appreciated as good by all singular persons who take part in it, and where the realization of the good is such as to effect an energetic desire and effort to sustain it in being just because it is a good shared by all, there is in so far a community. The clear consciousness of a communal life, in all its implications, constitutes the idea of democracy.

John Dewey, The Public and its Problems

We believe in the possibility of positive social change, but change can only be achieved by a well-informed, united populace.

Our mission is to bring attention to important political and social issues that are not being covered, or covered honestly, by the corporate media, in the hope that this information will unite individuals, wherever they may be, in the common goal of creating a healthy, stable and just global community


14 thoughts on “About

  1. migarium

    I don’t know who are exactly “News for the Revolution”. I do not know how you look like. If NFR (Yes, for me, it is shortened of your blog name, my dear Earthling friends:), if NFR passed near by me on the street we don’t know each other. But, I know exactly that if I see a news and if I take into consideration of this news, I know exactly NFR takes same news into consideration. Already, this is the important, right? Even if we do not use same language, we are using the same thought frequency. I know this. And, this is very important thing for an extraterrestrial, you can be sure:) Thank you for being my Earthling friends!

    Cпасибо!(spasibo) and Tesekkur edirem!

    both means thank you:)


    1. newsfortherevolution Post author

      It doesn’t matter if you were born in this galaxy or another, we’re all part of the same family. If only more people would wake up and realize that.

      And it’s good to know we have brothers and sisters out there, even if they are living worlds away

      Thanks for doing what you do

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  2. adamjameschamberlain

    Thanks for following my blog! Much appreciated. Have just started blogging and sharing my beliefs in issues, perhaps less covered in the media then they should be.
    Reblogging or linking to my blog would be most appreciated! I will return the favour when my following increases. Many thanks

    Liked by 1 person

    1. newsfortherevolution Post author

      I’m relatively new to this as well. I’ve been at for almost 4 months and it’s been a lot of fun. One of the best rewards in meeting people from around the world.

      I wish you the best and would be happy to reblog your articles on my site.

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