The N.E.A. & Home Education

An Outsider's Sojourn II

The nation’s largest teacher’s union is at it again. The N.E.A. is slamming home schooling simply because it works, while the public education system continues to disintegrate.

Home schooled children grow by leaps and bounds in knowledge, imagination and maturity, while most public school students learn how to be ‘politically correct’, ‘good consumers’, stoned, and how to be treated for stds. Public school students spend their school days watching the clock and becoming just another indoctrinated, misinformed, ignorant and basically brain-dead member of this Merican society, this Merican herd of chattel:

National Teachers Union Bashes Homeschooling

By Katy Khaos

The National Education Association (NEA) recently made some statements in their 2014-15 resolution that clearly show how much they detest homeschooling despite it consistently producing the best academic outcomes for students! It’s obvious that the union feels threatened by the explosion of students leaving the system to be home educated.

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