Paris Ramadan Stunt: A Comedian, a Propagandist, and the Social Engineers

By Tony Cartalucci
July 12, 2015
Land Destroyer Report


When tasteless alleged French comedian Yacine Hasnaoui decided to pose as a “Muslim,” shouting at Paris restaurant patrons for “eating during Ramadan,” before overturning tables and frightening by-standers, he probably realized shortly after just how un-funny his stunt was – which is precisely why he officially apologized for it on his Facebook page.

However, that the incident centered around a remorseful comedian, and not actually a Muslim, or even a brainwashed extremists posing as a Muslim, did not matter to what is essentially an industry built upon anti-Islamic propaganda serving not just the function of social engineering through elementary divide and conquer, but also serving as the rhetorical basis to continue waging war overseas, while stripping away the rights of citizens back home.

Leading the charge was career Neo-Conservative propagandist Robert Spencer, long-ago exposed at the center of other manufactured stunts including the “Ground Zero Mosque” and more recently, a shooting in Texas during a “Mohamed Drawing Contest.” Regarding Hasnaoui’s tasteless joke, Spencer’s website, “Jihad Watch,” shamelessly posted a headline reading, “Paris: Muslim overturns restaurant tables, shouts “People can’t eat, it’s Ramadan!”,” before concluding:

It’s simple: in Muslim countries, non-Muslims must conform their behavior to suit Muslim sensibilities. In non-Muslim countries, non-Muslims must conform their behavior to suit Muslim sensibilities.

The one thing Spencer gets right is the fact that it is indeed simple: people are easily manipulated, so much so that a comedian’s stunt which he has already apologized for, can still be used to inspire fear, terror, hatred, division, and obedience across what is apparently still a supremely ignorant and easily manipulated population. Spencer’s article was picked up across both Neo-Conservative circles and unfortunately, even in the alternative press where cognitive infiltration has been making steady headway.

It is clear that once again, that which provokes fear, hysteria, hatred, and outrage amongst the peoples of the West the most, is a stunt of their own creation, having nothing at all to do with the supposed enemy of “Islam.” And even that perceived enemy of “Islam” is owed to networks of militant extremists funded, armed, organized, and directed by Washington, London, Brussels, and their regional allies in Riyadh, Doha, Ankara, Tel Aviv, and Amman.Readers responded to Spencer’s allegations with predictable condemnation toward all Muslims and calls for genocide against all practitioners of Islam. In order to implement these easily provoked desires of war and genocide, the corporate-financier interests across the West have an array of ready-made legislation at home and wars abroad prepared – the same interests that fund Spencer’s otherwise unproductive, divisive, and apparently poorly researched work.

And in the battle against these extremists, were you to ask one of Spencer’s readers, they would tell you they and Mr. Spencer himself are at the forefront of the battle. In reality, tens of thousands of Muslims, alongside Christians, Druzes, and the secular, have shed their blood from North Africa to the Levant and beyond, fighting this scourge face-to-face on the battlefield and paying the ultimate price in the process.

Image: The Syrian Arab Army. Those that fight militant extremism the hardest are Muslims themselves. Dying in the tens of thousands, Syrians have fought bitterly to defeat the scourge of Al Qaeda, the so-called “Islamic State” and other Western-armed and backed groups laying waste to their nation disingenuously in the name of “Islam.” If Spencer was serious about defeating the threat he writes about daily, he would be shoulder-to-shoulder with these men,
not attempting to undermine them.

And while Hasnaoui may be condemned for his tasteless, divisive joke, he has in actuality provided us with an immensely valuable public service – he has exposed the irrational hysteria that seizes the minds of men and empowers the manipulators in controlling society at home to in turn, empower subjugation abroad. Spencer either didn’t know, or care about the truth behind the Paris stunt – it was simply another opportunity to fan the flames of conflict that fuel both is own personal ambitions and those who have allowed him pursue professional manipulation as a career instead of having to find a real, constructive occupation.

For those that find themselves regularly repeating Spencer’s propaganda and that of those who circle in his orbit, they must take this most recent incident to heart as a warning that the only thing they will accomplish is the division of society, the further empowerment of the establishment, and the complete and utter annihilation of their credibility.


7 thoughts on “Paris Ramadan Stunt: A Comedian, a Propagandist, and the Social Engineers

  1. sojourner

    And these people are the victims, the west has made them victims, made them “patsies” for the crimes of the elite Zionist swine!

    It’s disgusting, and this “comedian” is an idiot stooge. He was paid off to do this, I would put what little cash I have on it!

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  2. migarium

    People who fear from the extremism of religion are not actually wrong. For example, Turkey is fine example for this. Because this country is only one republic which is secular Muslim on the planet. Despite this, a lot of religious bigotry event happens.

    In 2 July, 1993 Sivas massacre happened. Thousands of people tried to burn valuable folk artists, including Aziz Nesin who is one of the greatest writers of Turkey, in Madımak hotel. Aziz Nesin was saved. But Asım Bezirci, Nesimi Çimen, Muhlis Akarsu, Metin Altıok and Hasret Gültekin were killed with burning or drowned with gas. They killed 35 valuable people.

    And today, nothing has changed. In Ramadan, you cannot eat or drink even smoking in Turkey in many cities. Not in Izmir of course, you know;) Even the other cities people are making conversation in every Ramadan, “how can we throw Izmir out of the country.” Hahaha

    Not only Turkey, an event was happened in Russia, in 8 june.

    You can see how Sufis and Salafies are figthing with each other. And Sufis known as very moderate Muslims. But you can see that video, I guess, the person who makes Bungee Jumping over the people in the mosque, could be the ones.:)

    And do you know, I can write in here, I can laugh in here in the face of this traji-comic view. But I am not able to make these in Nazran, Russia where this event happened, my dear Earthling friend.

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    1. newsfortherevolution Post author

      I think the issue here is western hypocrisy. This event was staged to portray Muslims in a bad light and incite more anger and hatred towards Islam.

      But the fact is, the vast majority of Muslims in the west are peaceful, law abiding citizens, who would never try and force their beliefs on others.

      Whereas the West is always trying to force its morality on the rest of the world. Most people here have no idea what western imperialism has done to the rest of the world. They have no idea how much people have suffered from having our culture forced on them. All they do is complain about immigrants coming to the west, and they have no idea these people are fleeing countries that we destroyed.

      Fanaticism in any form is dangerous. We still have many fundamentalist Christians in the West who would love nothing more than to create their own theocracy here.

      But even worse than them are the fundamentalists who are actually in control of our countries. They are the really dangerous ones

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      1. migarium

        Yes, it is true. “the majority of Muslims in the west are peaceful, law abiding citizens, who would never try and force their beliefs on others…” Because, many of them had well education. Even they do have more education and culture than the western people. And why did these people leave from own countries? What was forcing them to leave their mother country? Is it just wars? Religious pressures or politics of their country, do not have any responsibility? The pressures and politics which were made by west and cooperate their own politicians.

        Inside of 2.5 million people Syrian refugees in Turkey, only 9% of them got education, according to datas. Even that they see Turkey as a step they wanted to go west.:) Not only from Syria, they want to get rid of, even from Turkey. They want to leave from this region. Do you see the dilemma?

        And certainly you’re right. A Christian or a Jewish extremism is definitely on the same level with a Muslim extremism.

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