“You Call That Environmentalism? I Call It Anti-Human”

An Outsider's Sojourn II (The Journey Continues)

The never-ending parade of wack-jobs continues to march right along. It’s an insane world we the individuals live in, because there are insane “people” either running it or acting as the obedient stooges for those who do:

You Call That Environmentalism? I Call It Anti-Human

By Joshua Krause

There’s nothing wrong with being an environmentalist. You live on this planet, and you want it to be a clean and healthy place for yourself, and everyone else you share it with. But, more importantly, you don’t want to leave behind a toxic crater of a planet for future generations. You want your children to enjoy the same beautiful green world that you grew up in. Right?

Not so fast there Captain Planet! Haven’t you heard?Humanity is a cancer on the Earth, and if you really want to save mother nature, you won’t be having any kids. Capisce!

I’m kidding…

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