An Almost Perfect Story of How Democracy Should Work

On Independence Day, Ralph Nader talked to Doug Hughes on the Ralph Nader Radio Hour. Hughes is the man who landed a gyrocopter on the Capitol Hill lawn in an act of civil disobedience so that he could personally deliver letters of petition against anti-corruption to each member of Congress.

The U.S. Postal Service fired Hughes, and he faces multiple federal felony charges. Pick up the Hughes interview at 21:58 minutes.

The Nader/Hughes Interview

Ralph Nader leads into the interview with, “It’s almost a perfect story of how democracy should work.” Then he asks Doug Hughes the following questions:

  • What was in those 535 letters and how were they delivered after the police quickly descended on you when you landed on the Capitol lawn?
  • Where can people read your two-page letter?
  • What kind of media interest [has there been] since you landed on the Capitol lawn?
  • What are the…

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