No ‘Je Suis Charleston’?

Desultory Heroics


The De-politicization of Black Oppression

By Ajamu Baraka

Source: Counterpunch

Where are the international marches of solidarity with African Americans? The statements from world leaders condemning the terrorist attack and calling on U.S. Authorities to crack down on the white nationalist terror networks developing in the U.S.? Where are the marches in white communities condemning racism and standing with black people? Why no ‘Je Suis Charleston’?

The fact that these questions are not being raised by most people speaks to the adroit way in which the propagandists of the U.S. state, with the corporate media in lockstep, successfully domesticated and depoliticized the murderous attack in Charleston, South Carolina.

First, President Obama, as the government’s chief propagandist, defined Dylann Roof, the white nationalist assailant, as a pathological, hateful loner who had easy access to guns. The words “terrorist” never crossed his lips or the lips of any other officials of the…

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5 thoughts on “No ‘Je Suis Charleston’?

  1. sojourner

    The reason “terrorist” was not used, was because Neo-Nero knew this Charleston incident was just another false-flag carried out by covert agencies, with this white kid as the patsy, just like Oswald and all the other patsies. It wasn’t “white supremacist groups” that committed these atrocities, it was the federal government, just like in Missouri, Baltimore, etc!

    Until everyone realizes (backs and whites) that racism was created and passed down, from one generation of whites to the next, by the elite powers who control every aspect of life in this country, this all will continue on as usual.

    As you said, if the confederate flag, a flag representing a stand against centralized, fascist government first, and then slavery, needs to be taken down, then so does the piece of crap every mindless idiot was waving last weekend; since it represents the monstrous entity that is behind slavery: the US Corporation, which came into existence just after “the war against slavery,” in 1871.

    Although I understand the anger here, this article, and ones like it, simply play into the hands of the powers that be by keeping the division between the races in this country alive and well: something happens to a white, and it is the blacks, browns and reds fault, and if something happens to a person of color, it is the whites’ fault. Meanwhile, the real culprits, the white Zionist psychopaths, and their “elected” stooges, go merrily along their way, smirking and saying, “We did it again! They hate each other now more than ever!”

    I’m out of the loop on this one. No one will listen in this country, and when those of us who see this speak out, then we are labeled as racists: “He once thought black people were animals.” etc, etc, ad-nauseum!

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      1. sojourner

        It is as easy at that! And yet, there is such a strong need to get even in this country, a seething one, that it completely blinds many blacks to who the real enemy is: the government! The whites are already blind to their own racist tendencies, they ignorantly, don’t see their own racist tendencies. It is a frigging mess, and I see more hope for this system/order ending than racial relations ever being healed in this country.

        Thus the reason I no longer post on these issues: first, I am automatically disqualified, in the eyes of many blacks (not all), because I am white, and second, I am not god or the universe, so I have no answer and thus cannot help!

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