“To Build Real Political Power, You Have to Start Local:” Paul Cienfuegos

An Outsider's Sojourn II (The Journey Continues)

The real Dawn of a New Age!

This image (above) serves to show how people are awakening to the truth that this government does not represent them in any way. These true freedom and life seeking individuals have come to the realization that this government exists to serve the wealthy and powerful few only, as it has from its inception.

And so instead of wasting their valuable time playing the political-activist game (protesting, writing congress, voting, etc), which only plays into the hands of this government, these individuals have turned their collective backs on the entire system and are now seeking a new way to truly live life and be free: a self-governing, self-sustaining life in a community setting.

The following is a message from one of these community rights leaders, Paul Cienfuegos:

The latest example that our government is NOT our government: Negotiating the TransPacific Partnership corporate “rights” treaty

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