Propaganda Techniques – “Glittering Generalities”

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Propaganda Techniques:

(Part 1)

The New Word Order – Glittering Generalities

By Kitty S Jones, previously published here


This is part one of a series of articles  Kitty S Jones is writing about propaganda techniques, with the aim of explaining the seven main types that The Institute for Propaganda Analysis identified in 1938, and looking at current examples of their use.

Propaganda techniques are still very commonly used in the media, in advertising, in politics and in debate. In the US, much of the work by the Institute of Propaganda Analysis tended to focus on the techniques of persuasion used by Stalin and Hitler. Many people think that there is no need for research nowadays, but propaganda techniques are still being used widely.


In present day Britain, the government has adopted a psychocratic approach, reflected in public policies that have a central aim of “behavioural change” and are…

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