Non-linear disinformation makes it nearly impossible for you to tell what is real or fake.


Source: The Truth About the Law

Those in charge make sure that, for the most part, nothing that you see is as it is PRESENTED. The game is always the same, For GOOD reason. When a very small percentage of the population controls the system and virtually all the assets, they know the biggest weakness they have, is the people they control figuring out who is doing exactly WHAT to them. So they stay hidden and they make it very difficult to figure out who they are and what is actually happening.

Now I know that most people will never accept this truth regardless of being shown example after example of it. They will always retreat to the idea that every example is just another anomaly. It is an “exception”. It can’t be that way intentionally, etc. But whether people accept the truth or not does not change the NATURE…

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