Mind Altering Drugs

By Peter Vlemmix
Global Research, June 29, 2015
Peter Vlemmix, June 20, 2015


We fight a continuous war to prevent people taking illegal mind altering drugs for pleasure or sorrow, it’s called the war on drugs. 

Yet we use society’s most respected professionals –namely medical doctors and pharmacists– to hand out legal mind altering drugs, which have devastating consequences on people’s health.

You are made to believe that Big Pharma is interested in your health, but in practice it is a lethal profit making machine.




13 thoughts on “Mind Altering Drugs

      1. sojourner

        My x is on antidepressants, and of course, I don’t know what I am talking about, on anything;-)

        This video is excellent. I wish wordpress had a frame that would shoe all the time. I would keep this on the front page!

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      2. newsfortherevolution Post author

        As I mentioned before, I took meds for anxiety when I was in school. At the time, with my poor health and the stress from school, I thought it was the only way I could get through school, but I now know there are other things I could’ve done to avoid the meds.

        I’ve been off them for almost two years now, but I’m sure I’m still dealing with lingering effects. I know they changed my brain wiring. And, as I also mentioned, if I had known how brutal the withdrawal would be trying to come off them, I definitely would never have taken them.

        No one can say that stuff isn’t addictive.

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  1. sojourner

    “No one can say that stuff isn’t addictive.”

    No one is right! Almost twenty years ago, my life imploded, and I was completely down and out. So my doctor prescribed Zoloft for my depression. I took Zoloft for five or six months, and the depression did dissipate. But what replaced the depression was even worse: a free floating anxiety that made me paranoid, and an irritability that made me very volatile.

    I stopped cold, which I was not supposed to do, and I didn’t contact my doctor. The other symptoms stopped almost immediately, and the depression was gone for the time being.

    If I had waited a while, I would have never needed the Zoloft.

    We have been convinced that we should not have any illness of mind or body whatsoever, and if we do, then we need to be filled with mind and physiological altering chemicals.

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    1. newsfortherevolution Post author

      Exactly! Like the video said, we are basically creating medications for normal human emotions. There are far more effective and healthier ways of dealing with depression, anxiety, ADD, etc., than pumping ourselves full of toxic chemicals!

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  2. dancingpalmtrees

    This is so true. I have personally experienced horrible side effects of anti-depressants. Recently after a stay at Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn where they prescribed me Haldol, Effexor, and finally Venlafaxine which caused suicidal thoughts. Thank God I got off all this medication. Doctors are no different than the drug pushers on the streets. Haldol turned me into a zombie and gave me panic attacks. I’m going to reblog this on my Blog.

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  3. dancingpalmtrees

    Reblogged this on Espiritu en Fuego/A Fiery Spirit and commented:
    Recently after a stay at Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn where they prescribed me Haldol, Effexor, and finally Venlafaxine which caused suicidal thoughts and panic attacks. I stopped taking all three. Psychiatrists and psychologists are just Legal Drug Pushers who are supplied by Big Pharma. They get pay-offs and kickbacks to use patients as guinea pigs. So-called medical professionals label you with diseases you don’t have just so they can experiment on you! Beware!!

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