Dutch Citizens Successfully Sued Their Own Government*

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Dutch Citizens Successfully Sued Their Own Government*
By Sophie McAdam

“You have been negotiating all my life!” This powerful cry from a 21 year-old female Dutch activist set a precedent for the way citizens deal with the false promises, corruption and greed of their political leaders. Today, for the first time in history, people have bypassed their local representatives in power and headed directly for the law courts to get their voices heard. The best bit? They won!

This all began when the above-mentioned activist, Anjali Appadurai, stood up at a UN climate change conference four years ago and addressed her leaders in the Netherlands (and others throughout the world). Her passionate voice, full of anger and frustration, made a huge impact and mobilized a generation. She was fighting for action on climate change and referencing the fact that over two decades of talks had failed to reach the point of conclusive action.

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