“Crowds on Demand:” Just One More Political Manipulation!

An Outsider's Sojourn II (The Journey Continues)

Like democracy and capitalism, integrity is also dead, especially when it comes to the elite-swine owned and operated politician:

How Politicians Buy Fake Supporters

By Andrew Demeter

Founded in 2012, “Crowds On Demand” contracts masses of people to pose as the supporters of political candidates lacking in popularity, so as to manipulate public perception. It’s a sign of how desperate the system is to stay relevant that politicians need to buy fake supporters.

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via Activist Post: How Politicians Buy Fake Supporters.

This manipulation has always pissed me off, it’s so blatant and asinine. But it evidently works on the flag waving, USA shouting nincompoops: “Oh look at all those proud Americans, sitting there smiling and holding signs! They must really love their president and country! God bless America!” In reality, all these mannequins really love are their paychecks, which they “earn” by playing the stooge…

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