The Doctor Who Prescribes Fruit and Veg. Instead of Drugs*

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The Doctor Who Prescribes Fruit and Veg. Instead of Drugs*

Although it was Hippocrates, the father of modern day medicine, who so famously stated “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine thy food,” few conventional doctors take seriously those words or wisdom and make wholesome, nutritious living the foundation of their patient’s treatment plan.

But in Houston, Texas, a progressive doctor has begun prescribing fruits and vegetables instead of pharmaceutical drugs, as he and many others believe nourishing food is an essential requirement for becoming ‘well’.

After years of treating patients’ modern-day ails, such as Diabetes and high blood pressure, Dr. Garth Davis discovered that diet and lifestyle are truly the best tools for helping a body become vibrantly well.

As the medical director of bariatric surgery at Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center, Dr. Davis no longer prescribes pharmaceutical drugs but instead dolls out recommendations for fruits and vegetables…

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3 thoughts on “The Doctor Who Prescribes Fruit and Veg. Instead of Drugs*

  1. sojourner

    Wonderful! We need more doctors practicing holistic medicine. I would go to a holistic physician but my medicare insurance will only cover AMA quacks!

    By the way, I know you said you take raw apple cider vinegar. I have been off prescription antacids for going on a year now, and when I have symptoms I take two tspns of vinegar in water, and in a few hours the symptoms have stopped. I read an article that claimed people who suffer from ulcers and other digestive issues should take a water/vinegar drink after each meal. This is also supposed to help with weight loss.

    I should have mentioned this before!

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