With Cover-ups UN Quietly Offers DNA Tests for ‘Peacekeeper Babies’ & Sexual Abuse Claims*

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With Cover-ups UN Quietly Offers DNA Tests for ‘Peacekeeper Babies’ & Sexual Abuse Claims*

Editor’s Note: Can you imagine a one world government with these sick b*stards in charge? Nothing says peace like rape…

As one of its efforts to address allegations of sexual misconduct by UN keepers worldwide, the organization, has quietly begun running DNA tests to resolve paternity claims by victims who are left raising ‘UN babies,’ according to AP.

Some of the UN’s 125,000 peacekeeping force spanning over 16 locations across the world, have engaged in sexual relations with local populations, or have even been accused of committing sexual crimes. Such acts have result in claims that a child was conceived from a member of the UN force, including non-military staff.

Of the dozen paternity claims received last year, four were associated with alleged sexual abuse of a minor, the Associated Press reports. When asked whom the…

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5 thoughts on “With Cover-ups UN Quietly Offers DNA Tests for ‘Peacekeeper Babies’ & Sexual Abuse Claims*

  1. sojourner

    Dr Bramhall posted this article today as well.

    I posted a comment on Dr B’s blog. War is dehumanizing, and the world, when we really consider history, has been at war constantly for the last century plus. So it is not surprising that we human beings, to some extent, have become desensitized to the atrocities war brings.

    The conquerors were always the rapers and pillagers as well. Technology has not made us immune to the evil that can reside in all of us, when we are trained and conditioned to legally kill each other at will! The thought occurred to me, as I read this, I wonder if all the women and children who have been tortured and murdered would have preferred to be raped, pregnant and still alive? Now isn’t that a sick thought to have? And yet, as bad as rape is, torture and mass murder is as bad or worse.

    The end of these kinds of horrific atrocities will come when the end or war comes, and not any time sooner.

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    1. newsfortherevolution Post author

      What bothers me most about situations like this, is that the majority of our populations are living under the delusional impression that we are in these countries trying to help uncivilized or dysfunctional people. They have no idea that more often than not we created the mess in the first place, and that our “peacekeeping” forces are often little more than brutally oppressive occupying armies.

      Until we take control of the media, our populations are going to continue to live in misinformed ignorance

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  2. sojourner

    Misinformed for sure, but also, I believe, in denial, at least most people my age.

    People my age either believe as you stated here, that these people are uncivilized, or they are still delusional about this country and its allies not being capable of these kinds of horrendous atrocities.

    The younger people seem to be more aware of the evil and also less ignorant about the middle east peoples as well.

    We are doing what we can with the media, by offering an alternative. There isn’t much else we can do until the elite destroy themselves or are destroyed, since they control the msm, as you know.

    Also, just to clarify, I was not condoning the actions of these soldiers, not in any way. But these soldiers are this way because war dehumanizes human beings. So not only should these soldiers be held accountable but all the elite swine and their political stooges who create these wars on top of wars should be held accountable as well.

    I had to explain this to Dr B. I would never condone this kind of crime against innocent, young and weak women. Never!

    I just wanted to explain myself, since Dr B misunderstood what I meant. You haven’t said anything to warrant this response!

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    1. newsfortherevolution Post author

      I know you would never condone their behavior, but you do make a great point. It is important to keep in mind that most of the soldiers come for the poorest segments of society. For many the military is their way out. It’s one more example of how the elite exploit the masses. They take these individuals, brainwash them and basically kill any humanity they have in them. That’s why we end up with horrific war crimes.

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      1. sojourner

        Exactly! I understand, in particular, women’s outrage at this kind of atrocity (rape), but where is their outrage for those creating these soldiers and leading them to become this dehumanized and insane.

        But it’s easier to blast and go after soldiers than it is to go after the Clinton clan (one of which is a rapist himself) or the Bush clan, or the elite-swine who own and operate them.

        This, as I’ve written before, is also a sign of the elite’s success with mind control and divide and conquer. They have turned the female gender almost completely against the male, and so far that many or most females now hate men more than war and those who create them (which are almost exclusively men).

        It’s all so convoluted, so insane!

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