Zionist Israel: Palestinian Children Beware!

An Outsider's Sojourn II (The Journey Continues)

The Zionist animal in this image above is an example of what this government and many Merican Christian fundamentalists support: Zionist-Israeli child murderers.

And the United Nations, which is evidently operated by the Zionist U.S. Corporation and Israeli cabal, is turning a blind eye to the atrocities being perpetrated by these psycho-stooges of the Zionist elite-swine:

UN Fails to Include Israel on Blacklist of Children’s Rights Violators

By Claire Bernish

Going against recommendations given to him during the past week, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon chose not to include Israel on the infamous list of groups and states that violate children’s rights in times of armed conflict—though he did harshly criticize Israel for the thousands of Palestinian children killed and injured during military actions in 2014.

Ban made the decision not to include the IDF (Israel’s army) on the blacklist with groups like the Taliban, ISIS, and al-Qaeda after…

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