“A Zionist Project to Criminalize Criticism of Israel”

An Outsider's Sojourn II (The Journey Continues)

Image: Dees Illustration

{Note: this post is directed solely at the Zionist criminals in this world, and not at the Jewish people, who suffer because of this tiny, minority of greed/power-driven psychopaths! I hold no animosity toward the Jewish people, nor do I wish to bring any more harm down on them by posting this article!}

A warning from the satanic-like god of Zionist Israel to all of us “not chosen” and “not fit for life” gentile-heathens:

“Thou shalt not criticize Israel nor her Zionist elite leaders, my chosen ones. And thou must never question the 6 million/holocaust! Never, ever!! But if thou dost commit such dastardly deeds, and without immediate regret and penitent attitude, then I, the almighty god of Zionist Israel, shall seal thy mouth shut, and thou shalt surely reside in hell for all eternity! Thou dost not want to make the same grave error, and…

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