The Merican “Justice” System: A Racist, Tyrannical Monstrosity!

An Outsider's Sojourn II (The Journey Continues)

The following article reveals the Merican “justice” system for what it truly is: a racist, tyrannical monstrosity consisting of neo-gestapo storm-troopers, ladder climbing prosecutors and on-the-take judges who care nothing about the truth, nor the disenfranchised people they continually harass, imprison, torture and murder:

Kalief Browder, Jailed at Rikers as a Teen for 3 Years Without Trial, Kills Himself

By Lily Dane

Kalief Browder, the young man who was held for years in New York’s Rikers Island prison as a teen without trial or conviction, killed himself on Saturday.

In 2014, Jennifer Gonnerman of The New Yorker brought attention to Browder’s plight with her poignant article titled “Before the Law.”

Browder ended up in one of America’s most corrupt and violent prisons after being accused – at age 16 – of stealing a backpack on May 15, 2010.

Because his family was unable to raise his $10,000 bail and because of…

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