The “SS” is Back: #14

An Outsider's Sojourn II (The Journey Continues)

Merican gestapos and storm-troopers, the real “Murder Incorporated,” are at it again and again and again and…:

New Public Database Shows Total People Killed by Police in Real Time

By Kristan T. Harris

The UK Guardian has started keeping an interactive database of citizens murdered by local police departments across America in a project called “The Counted”.  This year the Guardian estimates that a total of 479 deaths were as a result of crossing paths with law enforcement, roughly twice as many as those published by the FBI.

The process uses social media, local news reports, and public records to catalog men and women killed by the police in the United States this year.

Jon Swaine, a reporter for The Guardian, spoke to NPR about the project:

We’re looking at local media reports. We’re looking at police and coroner press releases. Sometimes they’re not noticed by the media. We’re…

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