The United Penal Colonies of Merica: One of the Elite-Swines’ Eugenics-Inspired Cash-Cows!

An Outsider's Sojourn II (The Journey Continues)

It seems the only industries Merica has left are the Banking-Cartel/Wall Street/continual-war industry, the medical/medication/vaccine industry (Pig Pharma/AMA/Obamacare), the “illegal” drug industry (CIA/DEA operated), the surveillance (spying on we the people) industry, the gestapo/storm-trooper/shyster (“justice”) industry and the related prison/private-prison industry, which is continually supplied by an indoctrinating, demoralizing and “dumbing-down” public-education system:

Disturbing INFOGRAPHIC: America’s Prison Pop. Numbers Keep Increasing

By Andrew Pontbriand

We don’t just have the world’s largest prison population per capita, we blow every other country out of the water. Amazing isn’t it? Amazing we as Americans are told constantly we are the most free, most advanced, and most civilized society. Lady liberty, oh miss high-and-mighty!

Oddly enough, China, a country ruled and looked at as mostly Authoritarian takes 7th place in the world in incarceration rate. Which of course makes you wonder, what the hell is going on in America? Are we just…

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