Ten Monstrous Atrocities Perpetrated by the Corporate-Capitalist Swine!

An Outsider's Sojourn II (The Journey Continues)

The following article lays out just a few of the atrocities that have been perpetrated in the name of Merican Corporate Capitalism:

10 Corporations That Got Away With Murder

By Jake Anderson

With TPP and its deranged Atlantic cousin, TTIP, both proceeding — and Citizens United still buttering up our elections for corporate feasts — watchdogs and whistleblowers have never been more important to our democracy.

However, while a hero like Edward Snowden can reveal to us the surveillance state and dragnet data collection enabled by the Patriot Act, one person alone can’t stop its successor, the USA FREEDOM Act, from privatizing mass data collection and outsourcing the job to the government’s Big Data partners.

Corporate rule over this country is more disturbing than ever, but it’s important to never gloss over the crimes of the past. Corporations can and do get away with murder — and have been doing…

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