The board of management of The Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons, Istanbul made a call to the cats: “Keep away from the electric transformers!”

unnecessary news from earth

The writing on the caps: “All kinds of blackmail, montage and sabotage about electricity is our business”

This call is not a joke, I mean it. But it is very funny and I am holding myself to not laugh.:)

30 March 2014, after the power outage which occurred during the local elections in Turkey, Turkey’s Energy and Natural Resources Minister said “the cats have entered transformers,” as explanation.

After the three-hour outage, the votes of the AKP (R.T. Erdogan ruling party) had risen especially in the capital city Ankara. 7 June 2015, this sunday, there will be the general election in Turkey. And there is a doubt in the mind of the people of Turkey: What if it will be outage again? So, there are doubts about election security.

Various organizations and opposition parties again has made call about “the entry of the cats to transformers” in different ways. For…

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