Wikileaks Offers Bounty for Unseen Chapters of the TPP

Wikileaks is raising $100,000 in bounty for unseen chapters of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the infamous trade agreement that is being negotiated in secret.

We’re raising $100,000… for the 29 chapters of the TPP. We have already obtained four, and published four, but we’d also like updated versions of those.

Why is this so important? This agreement covers 40% of the global economy, and it lays the foundations for a new system of international law… It is the construction of a new world, a new way of doing things, a new legal regime. […]

We want to also demonstrate [that] whistleblowers who give information in relation to this shouldn’t be chased or harassed. They should be celebrated.

— Julian Assange

In the interview with Amy Goodman from Democracy Now!, Assange also talks about a possible end of national security journalism.

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