The United Drug Dealers of Merica: Pig Pharma, the AMA and the CIA!

An Outsider's Sojourn II (The Journey Continues)

Hypocrites, manipulators and bald-faced liars: the elite-swine, their “elected” stooges, Pig Pharma, The AMA and The CIA. “The War on Drugs,” as I’ve stated before, is an elite-swine con-job being perpetrated on the Merican people. There is no “war on drugs,” and there never has been, since drugs, like heroin and prescribed medications, are, beyond waging war, one of the last remaining industries left in these United Penal Colonies of Merica:

Drug War Fail: More Heroin Addicts Are Created By Doctors Than Drug Dealers

By Carey Wedler

A recently released Drug Enforcement Administration report reveals not only that heroin use has exploded, but that 4 out of 5 new users have previously abused prescription drugs.

The details of the analysis, titled the “National Heroin Threat Assessment,” unwittingly demonstrate that the Drug War has failed to curb drug use and has actually exacerbated the problem. The report opens with…

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