Tube heading breaking

Oh, my, my. Tubularsock has been so busy adding another story to The Tubularsock Underground Bunker in Oakland, CA overlooking Washington, D.C. that Tubularsock has let several interesting bullshit Maimed-Stream-Media-Tales pass by on their way to history.

I suppose you realize that when you add a story to an underground bunker you go down but the end result is up in the way you view it from the bottom floor. But enough about basic engineering and forward to the American fabrication of the world.

Now Tubularsock does admit that any game involved with balls should be outlawed but that thinking is very counter to world thinking. And Tubularsock feels that when it comes to football (American Style) the shape of the ball is not ball shaped. While the shape of the football (World  Style) is the proper shape of a ball as in all balls are in the shape…

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