Republicans, Democrats and Independents ALL Hate NSA Spying … Think the Patriot Act Should NOT Be Reauthorized In Its Current Form

By WashingtonsBlog
May 19, 2015
Washington’s Blog


Americans Don’t Trust the Government

A poll released today shows that Americans across the political spectrum hate the Patriot Act and NSA spying.

The bipartisan polling team – made up of Global Strategy Group and G Public Strategies – found (edited for readability):

  • By nearly a 2:1 margin (60% modify, 34% preserve), Americans believe the Patriot Act should not be reauthorized in its current form. With broad, bipartisan support across all ages, ideologies and political parties, voters are rejecting the argument that the Patriot Act should be preserved with no changes because of potential terrorist threats. Millennials (65% modify) and Independent men (75% modify), in particular, are driving the push for modification to limit government surveillance.
  • By more than 4:1 (82% concerned, 18% not concerned), voters find it concerning that the United States government is collecting and storing the personal information of Americans, including 31% who are extremely concerned and 25% who are very concerned.
  • Over three quarters of voters found four different examples of government spying personally concerning to them. The government accessing personal communications, information or records without a judge’s permission (83%) and using that information for things other than stopping terrorist attacks (83%) were the two most concerning examples to voters.
  • Specific arguments made in favor of adding more protections for Americans around privacy, also proved to be convincing to voters. 84% of voters said it was a convincing argument that local police and the FBI should have a warrant to search phone and email records, further confirming that Americans believe that individual privacy rights should be more strongly protected. Additionally, 81% of voters were convinced more protections were needed on account of companies providing loopholes in their services to make surveillance easier for the government.

This jibes with previous polls showing that Americans:


12 thoughts on “Republicans, Democrats and Independents ALL Hate NSA Spying … Think the Patriot Act Should NOT Be Reauthorized In Its Current Form

  1. migarium

    I think the author of this article has avoided to say “the US people do not trust the system”
    Because, if they do not trust the government, due to the government is formed by these people, then at least one of them republicans, democrats or the independents would have liked the NSA.

    Discourses determine people’s perceptions. If the word of government is still used rather than the word of system, which means not started to change.

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    1. newsfortherevolution Post author

      This is true. It is the system, and not the government, that is broken. Politicians of both parties support the Patriot Act, but their constituents do not. Therefore the politicians are not representing the interests of the people, they are representing the interests of the system. By framing this as an issue of a corrupted government and not as a reflection of a corrupted system, we are only dealing with the symptoms and not the disease

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      1. migarium

        Americans who will change the system inside US and the socialists who will add external effects outside of US will be the people for hope. Without one, the other would not be. I can not say in here that I am very hopeful for the Americans for awakening. But, if any of them begins to show itself, it would not be bad:)

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  2. sojourner

    See, this is what we have been saying, they are waking up. However, it still is the silent majority routine, at the moment. But towards the end of the Vietnam war, many of those belonging to the silent majority began to speak out against that war.

    If the economy continues to go die, like it is at the moment, I believe the silent majority will no longer remain silent!

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  3. sojourner

    I have no doubt now. The numbers speak for themselves. I am anxious to see the actual numbers for the election next year. My guess is, the msm will lie if the voting numbers are extremely low. But some of these investigative reporters will find the true numbers.

    I may be wrong, but I believe the voting numbers are going to be lower than they ever have been, and they have been very low for decades now.

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      1. sojourner

        You said, a while back, that the collapse of the economy might just be what needs to happen in order to start the downfall of this system/order.

        And with these numbers, there is little doubt in my mind, that is if the economy collapses again, this will be the straw that breaks that camel’s back. Maybe it will happen before.

        They are trying to kick start the third war, in twenty years, with Iraq now. I think this could push the button with the people here also. Mericans are sick of war, and this can also be seen in the polls. It’s only the old who seem not to mind war after war. Of course, war is all they have ever known, and this is true for me as well!

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      2. newsfortherevolution Post author

        The elderly are usually the ones who are the most deeply invested in their beliefs. But it is good to see the younger generations rejecting the system. But that said, the young can see that the system has already failed them

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  4. sojourner

    “But that said, the young can see that the system has already failed them”

    Exactly! They have that advantage, people my age didn’t have. If you want to call that an advantage, that is.

    The more educated people my age have always been anti-war. It’s the people left from my parents’ generation, and the barely or uneducated people from my generation, who seem to be supportive of everything the government does.

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