We are hungry


3 thoughts on “We are hungry

  1. sojourner

    Very pathetic, and as you know, nothing will be changed by an election.

    It is the same everywhere, until the people finally get tired of being destroyed in this manner, and raise up and tear this system down, anything that is changed will only benefit the wealthy minority in power.

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    1. newsfortherevolution Post author

      The names change, but the policies remain the same. Although I must say, and I mentioned this the other day, I’m seeing a growing number of people online who are expressing a complete dissatisfaction with the current system. It is getting more and more difficult to turn a blind eye to the corruption and obvious inequality. Who knows where this will lead, but it is a very positive sign.

      These days I’m trying to be positive 😉 It’s not easy, but there’s already enough negativity in the world

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