US-Russia Relations: Is Washington Coming To Its Senses? Regime Change is Needed in America

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
May 16, 2015
Paul Craig Roberts


BRITAIN-G8-SUMMITThere is much speculation about US Secretary of State John Kerry’s rush visit to Russia in the wake of Russia’s successful Victory Day celebration on May 9.  On May 11, Kerry, who was snubbing Russia on the 9th, was on his way to Russia, and Putin consented to see him on May 12.

As time passes we will find out why Kerry was snubbing Putin on May 9 and 3 days later was criticizing Washington’s puppet regime in Ukraine.  For what is known at this time, a possible explanation is that Washington is coming to its senses.

If you watched the 1 hour 20 minute video of the Victory Day Parade, you are aware that the celebration sent a powerful message.  Russia is a first class military power, and Russia is backed by China and India, whose soldiers marched with Russia’s in the parade.

So, while the increasingly irrelevant West, absorbed in its own self-importance, snubbed the celebration of the victory that the Red Army gave them over Hitler, the three largest countries in the world were present united.  Russia has the largest land mass, and China and India, also large land masses, have the world’s largest populations.

The celebration in Moscow made it clear that Washington has failed miserably to isolate Russia.  What Washington has done is to make the BRICS more unified.

With the President of China sitting at the right hand of Putin, the celebration also made it completely clear even to the morons in the Obama regime that Washington is no longer the Uni-power.

Consider now the impact on Washington’s vassal states in Europe, the crux of the American Empire.  Europeans are aware that two of the most powerful military states in history did not survive their invasions of Russia. Napoleon lost the Grande Army in Russia, and Hitler lost the Wehrmacht in Russia. It has dawned on Europeans that they are being shoved into conflict with Russia in the interest of Washington’s claim to be the World Hegemon. Europeans are accustomed to obey Washington, but when it came to being forced into conflict with Russia, Europeans began to express dissent. Signs of an independent European foreign policy appeared with Merkel and Hollande’s meeting with Putin to resolve the Ukrainian crisis orchestrated by Washington.

Faced with the failure of its policy of isolating Russia and the emergence of an independent foreign policy in Europe, Washington sent Kerry as a supplicant to Putin to work out a way to de-escalate the Ukrainian crisis. Putin being a peacemaker will permit Washington to save face. But this will not please the neoconsevatives or the military/security complex. The former are invested heavily in claims of Amerika Uber Alles, and the latter are lusting for the abundant revenues from a new cold, or hot, war.

Obama, Kerry, and Cameron have to become magicians.  They have to transition from demonizing Putin to working with him.

Having failed with force against Russia, the West is now employing seduction.  If Western peoples hope to escape from the Police State that Washington has imposed on the entire Western World, we must pray that Putin does not fall for the seduction.

There is no world leadership in the West. There is only selfishness and hubris.  Western “leadership” is exploitative.  The West loots the non-West and is now turning on itself with its looting of Ireland and Greece, with Italy, Spain, and Portugal the next targets for looting. The American public itself has been looted of its jobs and career aspirations.

The Western model of “democratic capitalism” turns out to be neither democratic nor capitalist, but a form of fascism ruled by an oligarchy. The United States is where regime change is most badly needed.


3 thoughts on “US-Russia Relations: Is Washington Coming To Its Senses? Regime Change is Needed in America

  1. ShelbyCourtland

    There will be no regime change in the U.S. and my sincere hope is that Vladimir Putin has the sense not to fall for whatever the U.S. regime is up to because he can rest assured, that it is up to no good. I hope that Russia, China, India, South Africa and Brazil and other nations put paid to U.S. hegemony.

    Here in America, we are living in a failed state. Despite the fact of our vast military, thankfully, there are countries around the world that are willing to defy America, despite her vast military and Russia is a formidable enemy and that is an understatement. The U.S. should have known better than to take on the Russian bear since Russia is not Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria or Vietnam.

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    1. newsfortherevolution Post author

      Seeing countries stand up to American hegemony is a good sign. It shows that there might possibly be hope for the world. With any luck the American people will themselves eventually stand up to the government and put an end to the nightmare once and for all

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ShelbyCourtland

        ” luck the American people will themselves eventually stand up to the government and put an end to the nightmare once and for all”

        I fear, my friend, that you hope in vain for that kind of luck. You see what we are willing to put up with and not even blink when cities are put on lockdown by the National Guard in this ‘democratic republic’ where we are in “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” If anything is to be done to throw America underneath a bus, it will have to be done by others, but it will not be done by US who live here. More’s the pity!

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