U.S. Wakes up to “New Silk World Order”

By Pepe Escobar
Global Research, May 16, 2015
Asia Times


china-usThe real Masters of the Universe in the U.S. are no weathermen, but arguably they’re starting to feel which way the wind is blowing.

History may signal it all started with this week’s trip to Sochi, led by their paperboy, Secretary of State John Kerry, who met with Foreign Minister Lavrov and then with President Putin.

Arguably, a visual reminder clicked the bells for the real Masters of the Universe; the PLA marching in Red Square on Victory Day side by side with the Russian military. Even under the Stalin-Mao alliance Chinese troops did not march in Red Square.

As a screamer, that rivals the Russian S-500 missile systems. Adults in the Beltway may have done the math and concluded Moscow and Beijing may be on the verge of signing secret military protocols as in the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact. The new game of musical chairs is surely bound to leave Eurasian-obsessed Dr. Zbig “Grand Chessboard” Brzezinski apoplectic.

And suddenly, instead of relentless demonization and NATO spewing out “Russian aggression!” every ten seconds, we have Kerry saying that respecting Minsk-2 is the only way out in Ukraine, and that he would strongly caution vassal Poroshenko against his bragging on bombing Donetsk airport and environs back into Ukrainian “democracy”.

The ever level-headed Lavrov, for his part, described the meeting with Kerry as “wonderful,” and Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov described the new U.S.-Russia entente as “extremely positive”.

So now the self-described “Don’t Do Stupid Stuff” Obama administration, at least apparently, seems to finally understand that this “isolating Russia” business is over – and that Moscow simply won’t back down from two red lines; no Ukraine in NATO, and no chance of popular republics of Donetsk and Lugansk being smashed, by Kiev, NATO or anybody else.

Thus what was really discussed – but not leaked – out of Sochi is how the Obama administration can get some sort of face-saving exit out of the Russian western borderland geopolitical mess it invited on itself in the first place.

About those missiles…

Ukraine is a failed state now fully converted into an IMF colony. The EU will never accept it as a member, or pay its astronomic bills. The real action, for both Washington and Moscow, is Iran. Not accidentally, the extremely dodgy Wendy Sherman — who has been the chief U.S. negotiator in the P5+1 nuclear talks — was part of Kerry’s entourage. A comprehensive deal with Iran cannot be clinched without Moscow’s essential collaboration on everything from the disposal of spent nuclear fuel to the swift end of UN sanctions.

Iran is a key node in the Chinese-led New Silk Road(s) project. So the real Masters of the Universe must have also — finally — seen this is all about Eurasia, which, inevitably, was the real star in the May 9 Victory Day parade. After his pregnant with meaning Moscow stop — where he signed 32 separate deals — Chinese President Xi Jinping went to do deals in Kazakhstan and Belarus.

So welcome to the New (Silk) World Order; from Beijing to Moscow on high-speed rail; from Shanghai to Almaty, Minsk and beyond; from Central Asia to Western Europe.

By now we all know how this high-speed trade/geopolitical journey is unstoppable — spanning the Beijing-led, Moscow-supported Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and the BRICs Development Bank. Central Asia, Mongolia and Afghanistan — where NATO has just lost a war — are being inexorably pulled into this trade/geopolitical orbit covering all of central, northern, and eastern Eurasia.

What could be called Greater Asia is already shaping up — not only from Beijing to Moscow but also from business center Shanghai to gateway-to-Europe St. Petersburg. It’s the natural consequence of a complex process I have been examining for a while now — the marriage of the massive Beijing-led Silk Road Economic Belt with the Moscow-led Eurasia Economic Union (EEU). Putin described it as “a new level of partnership.”

The real Masters of the Universe may have also noted the very close discussions between Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and the deputy chairman of the Central Military Council of China, Gen. Fan Changlong. Russia and China will conduct naval exercises in the Mediterranean Sea and the Sea of Japan and will give top priority to their common position regarding U.S. global missile defense.

There’s the not-so-negligible matter of the Pentagon “discovering” China has up to 60 silo-based ICBMs – the CSS-4 – capable of targeting almost the whole U.S., except Florida.

And last but not least, there’s the Russian rollout of the ultra-sophisticated S-500 defensive missile system — which will conclusively protect Russia from a U.S. Prompt Global Strike (PGS). Each S-500 missile can intercept ten ICBMs at speeds up to 15,480 miles an hour, altitudes of 115 miles and horizontal range of 2,174 miles. Moscow insists the system will only be operational in 2017. If Russia is able to rollout 10,000 S-500 missiles, they can intercept 100,000 American ICBMs by the time the U.S. has a new White House tenant.

Once again, the real Masters of the Universe seem to have done the math. Can’t reduce Russia to ashes. Can’t win in the New (Silk) World Order. Might as well sit down and talk. But hold your (geopolitical) horses; they might still change their mind.


12 thoughts on “U.S. Wakes up to “New Silk World Order”

  1. sojourner

    This just shows me that the elite powers control the largest portion of this world, or else this entire anti-Russia routine was just another false-flag, or the elite powers know the economy in the west is about to collapse, and they’re abandoning ship.

    Oh, and it appears this AMTRAK derailment may turn out to be a false-flag as well. It seems the the engineer had either been struck by a rock or a bullet, through the glass, right before the accident. Who knows?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. sojourner

        I just heard it this morning on CNN. And did you hear the US has sent troops into Syria, today, where they have, get this, caught a major ISIS leader.

        I wonder who this major ISIS leader is, the head of the CIA? Yeah, right!

        Every day I wake up wanting to be less cynical and less angry, since I don’t like being this way, and it is doing a number on my health. And yet ever day I awake to more crap like this. It just never seems to have an end.

        And it won’t end until we the people of the world put an end to it!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. ShelbyCourtland

    Other countries and nations are collaborating and negotiating with each other while the U.S. is all about the business of war and destruction. I sincerely hope that other countries and nations are finally starting to find ways to come together and turn their back on this hole called, America! It would be about time, I’d say!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. newsfortherevolution Post author

      I think America, along with the UK and Canada, are going to find themselves on the outside looking in sometime in the near future. They rest of the world is getting sick of us telling them how to live their lives and run their countries. I just can’t believe it’s taken them this long to do something about it

      Liked by 1 person

    1. newsfortherevolution Post author

      Unbelievable. I wonder how gun confiscation is going to go over in Texas? If the government wanted an excuse to declare martial law, I couldn’t think of a better way of creating a crisis than trying to take away people guns

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ShelbyCourtland

        There may be more to that massive military drill, Jade Helm that will be taking place in Texas and who really knows how many other states than what we are being told. Of course, anyone that dares question anything is labeled, a conspiracy theorist. Here in America, we are not supposed to question authority, but just do as they say and damn the consequences.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. newsfortherevolution Post author

        I read an article today that was basically calling everyone who questioned the government’s motives for staging the Jade Helm training exercises as lunatic conspiracy theorists. But that only goes to show how illegitimate the media has become. Over and over we are confronted with proof that the government is violent, corrupt and dishonest, and yet the it is the media that perpetuates the illusion that everything is fine. The media has no credibility at all, which means whatever the government and media are telling the people is most likely a lie

        Liked by 1 person

      3. futuret




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