Why the Double Standards, Son?

Said With An Eye

Why the double
Standards, son?

While your a lone wolf
Am I nothing but a terrorist
Your condemnations are
Heard loud and clear but
When I open my mouth
To say

“This is not me!”

I am shut up and cast aside
To propagate an agenda
Meant to kill innocent people
And innocent lands
All in the name of freedom
When to your own you cannot
Give so much as a handful
Of human rights

So why the
Propaganda, son?

When you have hate speech
Its the first amendment
When I have peace speech I
Dont deserve to speak
My words fall onto deaf ears
Nobody hears and nobody
Sees that I am condemning
This shit and these fallacies
Calling out the bigots
It’s a crime upholding my
Dignity is not fine and
When you have guns its
In defense when I have guns
Jihad it is

So why the…

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