This is not War

Said With An Eye

Worlds apart yet so close
One is throwing bombs and
The other’s throwing stones
While one is swimming in oil
The other in their own blood

Children are screaming
Mothers and fathers hold
Them tight while the
Chokehold on the nation is
Even tighter
Bombs bursting in the
Still air of night

This is not Gaza
We’ve been there and condoned
That this is not a simple genocide
Because it’s only a genocide when
It’s blood worth spilling right?

This is not Palestine
Because we have not only
Our complacence to blame
This is not Syria
We cannot blame Assad
This is not Iraq
We cannot blame Saddam
This is not Afghanistan
We cannot blame the Taliban

This is Yemen
And the people are screaming
Can you hear them?
Can you see the shaking
Children can you see the tear
Streaked faces held in a
Snapshot of permanent fear.


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