Saudi Blood Money for Bloodletting in Yemen

By Stephen Lendman
April 20, 2015
Global Research


yemen-civil-warUN officials appealed for an immediate $274 million in desperately needed emergency humanitarian aid for Yemenis. 

Saudi mass murderer/King Salman offered to contribute the entire amount – while he continues daily terror-bombing, targeting civilians and exacerbating a horrific humanitarian crisis.

Billions of dollars in aid are needed to address it. A small fraction of it barely scratches the surface.

Saudi oil wealth won’t restore lost lives. It won’t replace lost limbs. It won’t soothe traumatized children.

Yemen is being raped in plain sight. It’s being systematically ravaged and destroyed.

Perhaps 3,000 or more died so far in 25 days of fighting – over 85 alone in the past 24 hours in one Yemeni province alone.

Thousands have been seriously injured – many maimed for life, their limbs blown off by Saudi terror-bombing.

Many Yemenis have no access to healthcare. Untreated serious wounds may lead to death. Human suffering is extreme.

An entire country is under siege. On orders from Washington, land, sea and air blockade was imposed. US warships are involved enforcing it.

Nothing can get in or out without US or Saudi permission. On Saturday, fighting raged in most Yemeni governorates.

Saudi-led terror-bombing targeted Sanaa, Aden, Taiz, Marib, Saada, Shabwa, Lahj and other areas.

Yemen’s illegitimate government in exile rejected Iran’s four-point peace proposal on orders from Washington. It called for:

  • warring parties agreeing to halt fighting;
  • providing desperately needed humanitarian aid;
  • initiating intra-Yemeni dialogue; and
  • establishing unity governance with all parties participating.

It’s a sensible way to end conflict – to resolve differences between both sides diplomatically.

Obama wants war continued. He categorically rejects peace.

Tehran rejects accusations it’s aiding Houthis militarily. It very much wants to provide humanitarian aid. Blockade prevents it.

Yemeni tweets best explain ongoing nightmarish conditions.

“My life in Yemen, no electricity, no water, no food, no security, no work. We’re dying every day,” said one.

“They’ve forgotten all about us,” said another.

“Children are extremely terrified,” a victim explained.

“After all of this is done. The Saudis better pay for PTSD treatment of 26 million Yemenis.”

“24 nights straight of heavy bombing. More than any human can take.”

“12:40AM & can hear neighborhood kids/women scream with each earth shaking bomb jets drop…never this intense since onset 3 W ago…”

“My little girl crying silently. Her tears & shaking body while I hug her tell alot.”

Saudis intend to continue daily terror-bombing without letup. Scores of ongoing sorties terrify Yemini civilians.

Saudi military spokesman General Ahmed al-Assiri said “(w)e are not in a hurry…We have the time, and we have the capabilities.”

Tehran University Professor Mohammad Marandi said “(a)s long as the Saudis are carrying out this shock-and-awe campaign against ordinary Yemenis, there’s really no hope for any sort of peace plan to work.”

“So the Iranians are waiting for the Saudis to run out of steam and to recognize the enormous mistake that they have made.”

Iran’s Security Council head Ali Shamkhani calls Saudi-led aggression a “historic mistake.” He warned of dire consequences for Riyadh, saying:

“The Saudi aggression against Yemen is against the UN Charter, against the principles of peaceful coexistence and against the legal tenets ruling the UN and aims to deviate the path of the Muslim world and wear off the internal power and capacities of the world of Islam.”

“Unfortunately, Saudi Arabia has made a big historical mistake, and this heresy will definitely have no end but loss and damage for them.”

Iranian General Ahme Reza Pourdastan believes Saudi aggression “will certainly fail.”

“The Saudi army is a hired (mercenary) army, and now that no bullets have been fired at it, we see the symptoms of defeat in them already…”

Washington is directly involved in ongoing fighting. It’s choosing targets to strike – including civilian ones.

On Saturday, reports indicated one or more US warships fired cruise missiles on Yemeni sites.

They’ve done it several times before. Perhaps much more to come. Western media remain silent. They support what demands denunciation.

Millions of suffering Yemenis don’t matter. Imperial aims alone count. Yemen’s nightmare continues.

Obama’s latest atrocity threatens an entire nation with mass slaughter, destruction, overwhelming deprivation and unspeakable human suffering.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.” Visit his blog site at Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network. It airs three times weekly: live on Sundays at 1PM Central time plus two prerecorded archived programs. 


12 thoughts on “Saudi Blood Money for Bloodletting in Yemen

  1. ars1947

    This is by far the worst conflict since Gaza in that region aside from the mess that was already there. And who pays for it? The civilians. Its always the civilians.

    Another thing that strikes me, is how Yemen and SA and other Gulf countries are so close, yet so drastically different. One is swimming in oil while the other is swimming in their own blood.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. migarium

    A day before, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that: “What does bombing the innocent … Yemeni people mean? What goals are you pursuing? Will killing children bring power to you? You planted the seeds of hatred in this region and you will see the response sooner or later,”. But these words haven’t placed in most media. Or some of them published by cutting of these. Espacially last sentence wasn’t:
    “You planted the seeds of hatred in this region and you will see the response sooner or later”

    Liked by 1 person

      1. migarium

        Less people I guess. It recalled me a theory about to be decreased of human race. I cannot remember whose theory. According that theory, if thinking the other living creatures on nature as a model, when they lost natural habitat or this area starts to decrease, for example some animals left behind the weakests to death. This is a neccessary behavior for next healty generotion of them. Over this model, the planet Earth is not enough for currently human population’s normal life condition. Because of that, according to this theory, some elits! make the war especially over the poor countries. This is sickening, I know. But it can be true. Because, human kind is rapacious, has God complex, and stupid. If asking why when the bees make this they are not stupid, but when human kind makes, it would be stupid. Because, anybody doesn’t know, who will be the next Da Vinci, or Einstein. Maybe some Yemeni or Syrian boy or girl will be next genius of Earth. Those who wants to shape to planet, are not able to know. Because of that human kind is stupid, if someones try to make this stupid theory real.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. newsfortherevolution Post author

        The greatest waste humanity is responsible for, is the waste of human potential. We keep half the global population living in complete poverty, their lives spent in suffering and misery, never given the chance to contribute, or even to enjoy the beauty of life.

        In the West, where poverty is not as bad and widespread, the populations are poorly educated, distracted and far too stressed to be able to achieve their fullest potential.

        It’s a very sad way to spend our lives

        Liked by 1 person

      3. migarium

        Yes, for example, daily water consumption of a person in Europe is the equivalent of a poor African country’s person monthly water consumption. Such an unequal world

        Liked by 1 person

      4. newsfortherevolution Post author

        Wow, I did not know that. I was reading something today that was suggesting our society and way of life is possibly producing psychopaths. We live a a narcissistic society that glorifies greed and mindless, conspicuous consumption. We are encouraged to not trust other people and only care about our own needs.

        Studies have found as much as 4% of the population are psychopaths. It might not sound like a huge number, but when you compare it the prevalence of a lot of other diseases and conditions, it is actually quite a high percentage. The scary thing, however, is that psychopaths have the potential to cause great suffering to large numbers of people when they obtain positions of power. Looking at our leaders and the leaders of the corporate world, it isn’t difficult to believe that many of these people are in fact psychopaths. This also explain why so many people with so much feel no sense of empathy for those who have so little. They don’t lose any trouble letting children starve to death if it means more profits for them

        Liked by 1 person

      5. migarium

        Yes, you’re right and this is up to a point. For example, I wonder, the person in the west would want to share half of water with any person who live in those poor country? I do not think so. And in my opinion, actually the reason of all wars on this planet is water sources; not petrolium or land dominance

        Liked by 1 person

      6. newsfortherevolution Post author

        Canada has huge fresh water resources. Unfortunately our neighbor to the south is running out of water, and that is not a good thing for us. Not that we don’t have enough to give some to America, but that it’s unlikely the American government will want to share our water with us. I think we can expect a military occupation sometime in the future.

        There is more than enough food, water and resources for everyone on the planet, but capitalism makes this impossible

        Liked by 1 person

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