Who is Afraid of Conspiracy Theories?

An Outsider's Sojourn II (The Journey Continues)

The following article dissects the term ‘conspiracy theory’, and reveals why it has become a manipulative device used to mock and silence critics, and thus hide the truth about corruption in politics and government:

Who is Afraid of Conspiracy Theories?

Lance deHaven-Smith, Ph.D, New Dawn

Waking Times

In his book Philosophical Investigations, philosopher of science Ludwig Wittgenstein demonstrated that words are more than designations or labels. They are signals in a context of activity, and are invested with many assumptions about the roles and social status of speakers and listeners.

In the 20th century, men often called women “girls.” This term, while indeed referring to something real – to women – was more than merely a label; it was demeaning and implicitly conveyed a subservient status. Wittgenstein called the common sense view of words standing for things, the “naming theory of language.” However, he pointed out, if words were merely labels, you…

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9 thoughts on “Who is Afraid of Conspiracy Theories?

      1. newsfortherevolution Post author

        Only as part of a work placement for school. It can be fun, but also stressful, because you are under a lot of pressure to come up with ideas and write articles everyday. The people I worked with were great and over all I did enjoy the experience, but I was also on the low end of the totem pole. There’s only certain types of stories I would be allowed to do, typically human interest stories. They have people who write the news and more often than not, those people don’t even work in the same newsroom. Now that most media has been consolidated, there a handful of people writing the news and those stories are then published in papers across the country.

        The other thing to keep in mind is that most people in the business believe what they are publish is the actual news. You wouldn’t find a lot of people in newsrooms across the country openly stating that the Boston Bombing was a set up. It’s almost like a “group think” phenomenon, because no one would want to admit that they aren’t telling the truth to the public. Few are willing to consider stories or information that might contradict the accept conventional beliefs. No one wants to rock the boat if they have real ambitions for advancement

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      2. ars1947

        Hm, maybe print publishing wouldn’t be for me then. I think the online platform allows for alot of flexibility as opposed to in an actual newsroom. What did you do after? What can a person do with a journalism degree?

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      3. newsfortherevolution Post author

        There are different opportunities with a journalism degree, including going into communications and public relations. My health has prevented me from working. I barely made it through my program and was fortunate to have very kind and considerate instructors who did what they could do to accommodate me.

        Journalism, as is most media, is to a shifting to a predominantly online platform, because that’s how most people consume it now days There are still newspapers and magazines, but every year their numbers shrink. So online would probably be the best way for you to go. There are a growing number of opportunities for independent journalists online, but chances are you won’t get rich doing this. Unless, of course, your blog blows up and you sell if for hundreds of millions of dollars, like Arianna Huffington 😉

        Are you reconsidering medical school?


      4. ars1947

        Perhaps, perhaps haha. I’m just looking at all my options in case the path I wished to take doesn’t work out for me. Journalism is really interesting and I want to do freelance if not full time. The problem is with being a girl, is that some papers have the more inexperienced girls especially, work on menial stories like fashion shows and the latest trends (what a bore). I want to go to areas where they need people to tell the world what is happening then and there-henceforth utilizing my interest in medicine to become a doctor and helping people who need the help (like doctors without borders).

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      5. newsfortherevolution Post author

        It’s amazing in this day an age that this is still the reality for women in the work place. As though young people didn’t have enough to worry about while trying to figure out their future.

        Being a doctor and traveling to different parts of the world would be extremely rewarding and provide you with an excellent opportunity to share your those experiences and bring attention to the plight of those people you are helping.

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      6. ars1947

        Yeah, hopefully 🙂 I think that both careers are rewarding in their own right, but sometimes I feel like my gender holds me back, which shouldn’t be happening

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