The Pros and Cons of Mandatory Voting

I used to be a strong advocate for voting, but not anymore. Voting is an integral part of democracy, but the problem is that there is no democracy.

When the political parties are bought and paid for by, more or less, the exact same corporate interests, the outcome of elections becomes irrelevant. Regardless of who is elected, the corporate interests win and the people lose. All mandatory voting does is legitimize the process.

It would be no different than many authoritarian countries where there is only one party and often only one candidate and yet the people are still expected to go through the charade of voting.

If we had a society where the population was highly educated and well-informed, we wouldn’t need mandatory voting laws. The people would be inclined to vote, because they would recognize the importance of voting. However, what we have are populations of distracted, overly-stressed, misinformed people who have become apathetic and disillusioned by a system that continuously fails them.


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