Play for Nature

unnecessary news from earth

“Play for Nature” is a music project which is made to draw attention to the damage to nature by human hand.

With their expressions;

“…The consequences of what’s being done to the world are obvious. The earth and the atmosphere are sending us warning signals.

Global climate changes, with floods, melting ice glaciers, rising sea levels and droughts, are one side of the problem.

Nutrition is the other side. The ones who are able to find food are compelled to eat cheap, genetically modified (GMO) foods, tainted by uncontrolled agricultural spraying and harmful additives. Then, there are those who are plagued by hunger. There are energy wars, clean water wars…the list goes on and on… In other words things are pretty bad.

Both the people in poverty and the ones possessing the tools of power often put their own interests first, choosing to live a self centered existence. Everyone has…

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