2 thoughts on “VaxAttacks!

  1. ars1947

    I feel like there’s a fine line between vaccines a person should get and those that are extras. I personally think that vaccines for diseases like polio and even meningitis are necessary but things like flu shots aren’t particularly useful.

    The only problem is that there’s no telling what will or will not be needed in the future

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    1. newsfortherevolution Post author

      I think the biggest problem with vaccines, is that we do not know what is actually in them. There have been so many stories of people being infected with diseases under the guise of receiving vaccines. When we are dealing with an industry as corrupt and amoral as Big Pharma, who always put profits before human life, it makes it difficult to trust anything that they might produce. On top of that, experience has shown that we cannot trust the government to look out for our interests and ensure that the drugs being produced and marketed are safe. A number of deadly drugs have made it to the market place, drugs the companies knew were dangerous, but sold anyway, because it is far more profitable to sell the drug and pay damage costs later. This situation leaves people in a very difficult predicament

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