Study: Global Medical Expansion Has “Made Us Sick”

An Outsider's Sojourn II (The Journey Continues)

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Wonder why you feel sickly, even though you work out, eat organic foods and take vitamins everyday? The following might help to explain:

Study: Global Medical Expansion Has “Made Us Sick”

Heather Callaghan

Activist Post

The burgeoning “health” care industry has made people see themselves as sickly

Researchers from Ohio State University had a hunch that the expansion of the medical industry has made people overall view themselves as unwell – in need of help. First psychologically, then physically.

For all the medical advancements, people are actually worse for the wear despite what the medical community itself will propagate (longer life expectancy, lower cancer rates etc). In this instance, one only need look around to see a thriving “sick care” industry, having nothing to do with reversing illness.

OSU researchers came up with some interesting analyses to determine if medical expansion has made…

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