Google “Bill Clinton rape”

An Outsider's Sojourn II (The Journey Continues)

For those of you who think JFK had huge problems with ‘extramarital’ affairs, Kennedy was an angel, a mere boy-scout, in comparison to “I didn’t have sex with her” Bill Clinton!

Read and listen for yourself:

<blockquote>Google “Bill Clinton rape”

By James Corbett

Bill Clinton, exactly like Bill Cosby, is a multiply-accused rapist with allegations stretching back decades. And exactly like Cosby, Clinton has settled a sexual harassment lawsuit out of court. But unlike Cosby, Clinton continues to enjoy the adoration of the public and the benefits of his personal fortune. Why? Because we haven’t made it an issue yet. Let’s start: Google “Bill Clinton rape.”

via Activist Post: Google “Bill Clinton rape”.

Yes sir, Mr and Ms Merica, old Billy boy is quite the ‘perv’. As it turns out, Monica L. was just scratching the surface of Billy boy’s sexual issues (sexual illness). And Monica was a…

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