More Neo-Nero Tyranny: “You Vill Vote and Like it, or else! Ve Have Vays of Making You Vote!”

An Outsider's Sojourn II (The Journey Continues)

“Now that you are all terminally ill, I am going to force you to vote! Yes I can!”

It isn’t bad enough that voting is and always has been a political manipulation, a political farce, now Neo-Nero Obomber wants to force Mericans to vote:

Obama Floats The Idea of Mandatory Voting

Brandon Turbeville

Activist Post

In yet another “the collective over the individual” move from Barack Obama, during a public meeting about campaign finance reform in Cleveland on Wednesday the President floated the idea of compulsory voting in the United States.

Obama cited Australia and other countries with such laws as an example of ways in which the idea could be implemented. Of course, in Australia, citizens who do not vote are subject to fines and even imprisonment but that is no matter to Obama since fining and imprisoning individuals for refusing to become part of the hive, purchasing…

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