The Cost of NSA Spying On the U.S. Economy Is “Incalculable”

Spying Is Destroying the U.S. Economy

February 26, 2015
Washington’s Blog


We’ve thoroughly documented that unnecessary spying by the U.S. government is costing the American tech sector many billions of dollars … and the U.S. economy as a whole hundreds of billions of dollars.

Things just got a lot worse …

ZDNet notes today:

China is no longer using high-profile US technology brands for state purchases, amid ongoing revelations about mass surveillance and hacking by the US government.

A new report confirmed key brands, including Cisco, Apple, Intel, and McAfee — among others — have been dropped from the Chinese government’s list of authorized brands, a Reuters report said Wednesday.


Some reports have attempted to pin a multi-billion dollar figure on the impact of the leaks.

In reality, the figure could be incalculable.

The report confirms what many US technology companies have been saying for the past year: the activities by the NSA are harming their businesses in crucial growth markets, including China.

Mass spying is making a handful of insiders rich … but everyone else is getting poorer.

2 thoughts on “The Cost of NSA Spying On the U.S. Economy Is “Incalculable”

  1. ShelbyCourtland

    We spend billions to spy while homeless people die. We can’t house people because we are too busy spying on so-called ‘terrorists’ that the U.S. created and of course, every American citizen is a spy, apparently, since we’re all being spied on. This is just too ridiculous for words! Really!

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    1. newsfortherevolution Post author

      The entire system is rigged to redirect every bit of wealth away from the people and into to the pockets of plutocrats.

      They are now saying the new war in Iraq and the middle east could last up to thirty years. Where is the money going to come from to pay for that? They are going to bleed the people dry, and a handful of people will be making billions of dollars.

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